About Us


Open since 2009, Herald Land Real Estate Brokers (LLC) is a Company based in Dubai operating under trade licence N573807 issued by Dubai Economic Department.

Our mission is to make strategic investments around the UK available to individual investors allowing them to gain the rewards whether it is through the natural growth cycle of land in expanding areas or a boom in the hotspots of the UK residential or commercial property sector.

We represent the highest standards of quality and integrity in the industry.

Our reputation for uncompromising professionalism in everything we do is earned day in and day out serving our clients and earning their trust. Our clients benefit from our core values and principles, which we integrate into everything that we do.

Unlock your potential and invest in UK real estate!

Our vision is to be a company of choice for anyone considering investment in the UK land sector.

We offer strategic and reliable investment opportunities through our extensive portfolio of freehold land all across the UK.

Unlock your potential and invest in UK real estate!

Integrity, professionalism, honesty, knowledge and a passion for excellence.

The initiative begins with taking action and knowing that your valuable assets will be ones which will make you proud. We are the destination for all your investment needs.

Unlock your potential and invest in UK real estate!