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Phone Interview
Posted by Herald Land | 30 March 2017

Phone Interview Etiquette: How To Impress A Recruiter Before The Interview Plenty of times an interview process begins with a phone interview to screen the candidate. It could be scheduled and it could be a moment’s notice. Whether a Talent Acquisition Specialist or an Internal Recruiter, the phone interview is used for a few reasons....

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Posted by Herald Land | 27 February 2017

Clicking the “Apply” button seems quite easy these days for job seekers. Some apply to relevant posts only and others click away their CVs. Some believe in reading the advert before applying and some believe any job posting means an opportunity. Depending on your job seeking method, you might still receive a phone call inquiring...

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Posted by Herald Land | 29 January 2017

There’s always excitement accompanied with an interview and followed by disappointment when you are sent a rejection email. Every person has a different reaction, some read the email and choose to move on to a different opportunity, and some request feedback as to why weren’t they selected or how could they improve. There are also...

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Share Your Kryptonite - Strength vs Weakness
Posted by Herald Land | 14 January 2017

Almost every interviewer would ask a candidate to share at least one weakness. This isn’t a trick question nor is it setting you up for failure, we are trying to get to know you. The answer to this question, regardless of how it’s phrased, is a key indicator to your own self-awareness and honesty. Every...

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Posted by Herald Land | 15 December 2016

You make an impression the minute you walk-in for an interview, and before a word is spoken from the interviewer or yourself. Regardless of a company’s dress code policy, you should always dress in a professional manner, be it your first or second interview (applies to a video interview as well). That means you shouldn’t...

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Posted by Herald Land | 30 November 2016

When writing a CV think of it as a summary displaying your experience, highlighting your key responsibilities, stating your skills and a layout of your achievements. Your CV is a gateway for you into career progression, but also for the interviewer to understand you as a candidate and if you qualify for the position available....

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Posted by Herald Land | 13 November 2016

It’s becoming an increasingly competitive job market across all industries and if you have an interview in the pipeline, you want to be prepared. Whether it is a phone interview or face to face, here are some tips to help you remain calm and confident, and be prepared. Know the company: Read the company’s history,...

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