Interview Tips

12 September 2017

Our social media activity has somewhat become an inevitable part of our daily life. It is quite rare to come across an individual who has no social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or LinkedIn. An individual would have a profile on at least...

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08 August 2017

LinkedIn is a networking service used by professionals who are job seekers, internal recruiters and head hunters. Anyone who signs up on LinkedIn uses their profile to showcase their experience and skills, whether an active or passive job seeker. Companies also use it to showcase...

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06 July 2017

We always tell our candidates that an interview is not an interrogation, it is a two-way communication for us to learn more about their suitability as a potential employee, and for them to learn more about us as a potential employer. As a candidate, you...

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How to Write A Cover Letter
01 June 2017

It has become very common for employers to request a cover letter with a job application, or for someone to attach a cover letter with their job application. The aim is to spark the employer’s interest and put your foot through the door as a...

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09 May 2017

It is often forgotten that how you behave and conduct yourself after an interview matters as much as how you behave during it. Also, whether you think or feel that you impressed the interviewer, you never know for sure that you guaranteed yourself the position....

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Phone Interview
30 March 2017

Phone Interview Etiquette: How To Impress A Recruiter Before The Interview Plenty of times an interview process begins with a phone interview to screen the candidate. It could be scheduled and it could be a moment’s notice. Whether a Talent Acquisition Specialist or an Internal...

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27 February 2017

Clicking the “Apply” button seems quite easy these days for job seekers. Some apply to relevant posts only and others click away their CVs. Some believe in reading the advert before applying and some believe any job posting means an opportunity. Depending on your job...

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29 January 2017

There’s always excitement accompanied with an interview and followed by disappointment when you are sent a rejection email. Every person has a different reaction, some read the email and choose to move on to a different opportunity, and some request feedback as to why weren’t...

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Share Your Kryptonite - Strength vs Weakness
14 January 2017

Almost every interviewer would ask a candidate to share at least one weakness. This isn’t a trick question nor is it setting you up for failure, we are trying to get to know you. The answer to this question, regardless of how it’s phrased, is...

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15 December 2016

You make an impression the minute you walk-in for an interview, and before a word is spoken from the interviewer or yourself. Regardless of a company’s dress code policy, you should always dress in a professional manner, be it your first or second interview (applies...

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