Managing Directors Message

We are already into 2017 with a flourish.

There is so much going on it doesn’t seem to tell you it all in one simple message.


At Herald Land we realise the importance of offering good honest responsible investments.

That is why unlike any of our competitors we place a high importance on what we do after a sale of a land plot.

To date we have submitted planning applications on some of our sites and we are in the process of taking this a lot further.

It is our intention to have planning applications submitted for all our sites by the end of 2017.

This involves an enormous amount of work to cover this we will be strengthening and growing our team.

In the last few months I have had many meetings in London regarding planning.

The main purpose of these meetings was to select UK Professionals that could help us achieve our ultimate aim, of planning on our sites.

I now feel we have been able to align ourselves with excellent UK Planning partners. A major announcement will be made in the next few weeks.

New Offices

Herald Land is growing at an amazing rate.

From our early beginnings as a “Land” Company we have grown into one of the leading suppliers of UK Property Investment Opportunities.

Recently, we opened a Branch office in Doha, Qatar.

This opened following the enormous demand and appetite from Qatari investors for London Property.

We recently held an official Opening Event at the Four Seasons Hotel, Doha which was attended by some VIP and VVIP guests.

This included the Ambassador for the UAE Embassy and The Chairman of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce.

This week we have opened our first branch office in Dubai.

Emaar Square will remain our Head Office in Dubai and will house our Land Teams and all administrative departments.

Our new office in Barsha Heights (Tecom) has been opened to accommodate our specialist UK Property Team.

There will be some further updates soon as we make major announcements regarding new developments.

Bob Clarke
Managing Director

Earlier today I made some comments regarding the outcome of the EU referendum in the UK.

What does this mean for Investors?

As the Market Leaders in UK Property related Investments we only sell and market the UK. What we don’t do is sell in a host of countries without having a kind of expertise in one.

We are UK Property experts and as such have a finger on the pulse.

The re-adjustment of the financial markets (equities and currency) was to be expected. This just didn’t affect the UK.

Britain simply doesn’t have enough homes and it needs to build urgently.

There now stands a truly unique business opportunity.

Our investments are geared for medium to long term investors, not short term raiders.

I myself traded AED for Sterling on Friday as I saw the rate fluctuate before selling.

As a GCC investor “NOW” is the time to invest in one of the world’s biggest economies.

London has and always will be a safe haven for investors. It was one of the first cities in the world to recover from the global financial crisis of 2008.

We would urge true visionary investors to take advantage of the currency rates as they are now and not when they recover to their original state.

Bob Clarke
Managing Director

On Thursday 23rd of June the people of the UK voted by 52% to 48% to leave the European Union.

This historical National referendum showed true democracy in action.

As someone born and bred in London I pride myself on having core British values in both my business and personal life.

The result of the referendum had immediate effects around the world.

Stock exchanges reported losses:

CAC 40 (France) – 8.04 %
NIKKEI 225 (Japan) – 7.92 %
DAX (Germany) – 6.82 %
DOW JONES (USA) – 3.39 %
FTSE (UK) – 3.15 %
HENG SENG ( Hong Kong) – 2.92 %

The UK FTSE was by no means the biggest loser.

Will this “spark” a new Global Financial Crisis, of course not.

This was a fully expected reaction to an unexpected result.

Traders throughout the world jumped on an opportunity to make high volume trades. Where there are losses there are also gains.

Sterling weakened against the US $ which had ad immediate effect against AED.

On Friday I sat all day glued to UK News Channels and the Financial Markets.

The FTSE at on point lost 8%, it recovered to 3.15 %, the same point it was at the start of the week.

The GBP fluctuated between 5.10 and 4.87 against the AED.

We are in a period of change but this will be a short term change.

The UK is still open for business.

In my previous messages I have said how this year is going to be a “huge year” for Herald Land.

Our application for Iver is now fully progressing very well.

Our outline application for the construction of 138 dwellings, 1 retail unit (Class A1) and 1 Café Unit (Class A3) has received initial good signs from the local council.

In fact, since our application we have received an approach from a Development Company expressing an interest in the future.

Applications for 4 other sites are now underway.

We have also seen some companies trying to replicate what we do.

We welcome competition, as long as it’s fair and honest.

If you are considering any kind of UK Property Investment here are our tips for ensuring a safe investment.

  1. false claims of high returns and high growth. If anyone quotes huge returns ask for evidence and proof your investment is secure.
  2. Does the Company specialize in UK only? Too many companies offer investments all over the world. How can you be sure they know everything about the projects they are offering you?
  3. Has the Company physically seen the product they are offering?

At Herald Land we only sell products in the UK, we only sell products we have physically seen, and we have never made false claims.

Also this month we signed an exclusive agreement with Property Partner in UK. The trading name of London House Exchange Ltd.

This is truly an amazing and secure UK Property related investment.

In effect it offers an opportunity to buy shares in a variety of Properties in the UK.

It has an easy exit strategy and offers a totally secure investment with proven results.

It is also a Financial Conducts Authority (FCA) approved scheme. The first such product to be offered in the GCC region.

Yet another reason why Herald land is Number 1 when considering a UK investment.

Bob Clarke
Managing Director

When I last posted a message back in October I spoke of us proceeding with our quest to gain Planning Permission on our sites.I am pleased to say that our first application on our Iver site has been submitted to South Bucks Council.

This is a major milestone for Herald Land as we continue to re-inforce our claims to be NUMBER 1 in this industry.

In our opinion too many other companies make misleading or false promises on how they will deal with their clients post sale. At Herald Land we do what we promise.

It is now our intention to press ahead with Planning Applications on all of our sites. Regular updates are being sent to individual plot owners.

Exciting times indeed.

The growth of Herald Land has been nothing sort of remarkable and we continue to grow.

The decision to concentrate purely on UK investments means all of our staff are professionally trained to the highest degree.

We never wanted to be a Company offering Investment products all over the globe.

Due to this we have now formed Specialist Divisions throughout Herald Land.

This ensures our staff know their individual Product and have direct contact with Owners, Agents, and our Business Development Team in the UK.

In 2016 we plan to launch 4 new exciting land sites all situated in and around M25. Proving yet again that London and the South East is the place to invest.

We plan to launch exclusive Student, Buy to let, Car Parking, Land and Property Projects in Quarter 1 2016.

As we say all the time the Biggest just got BIGGER.

Bob Clarke
Managing Director

For quite a while now we have boasted that we are the largest provider of UK Property related investments in the GCC region.

Our claim is based upon a number of factors not least of which we are in our 7th year of trading and we continue to go from strength to strength.

To better serve our clients this month saw us move to a larger office whilst remaining in the same location in Emaar Square, Downtown Dubai.

Emaar Square has long been considered one of the major business hubs of Dubai with Standard Chartered, Barclays, and HSBC having a major presence there.

It made perfect sense for us to stay in this location.

The move enabled us to build on our success and restructure our operations both corporately and physically.

Our new offices now feature 2 state of the art meeting rooms enabling us to present our projects to our clients in a highly professional manner.

The new board room is incredibly spacious which means it will be perfect for both Company Board Meetings and External and Internal Training.

We pride ourselves on our level and commitment to training both our own staff and Agents who sell on our behalf.

That level of pride is further strengthened by the fact we have our own in-house Full Time Trainer.

Corporately the re-structure has been immense.

The Board of Management of Herald Land has now been strengthened and we will post announcements regarding this on our website soon.

During 2015 we have achieved many milestones which has seen us achieve record sales in all departments and record growth.

Our aim of obtaining planning on our sites is now forging ahead and we are expecting to be able to make regular monthly announcements of the progress.

Our aim in the last Quarter of 2015 is to build on our Business and make 2016 huge.

Bob Clarke
Managing Director

Now that the summer is nearly over we find ourselves at Herald Land busier than ever.

We are currently undergoing a major company re-structure brought about mainly by our success during 2015.

Due to the fact we only concentrate on UK based investment opportunities we are becoming a victim of our own success.

Many UK Developers are approaching us to market and sell their projects.

We have therefore decided to build internal teams that will specialise on specific products only. This will mean that they will have a level of product knowledge by product unrivaled in the market place.

Also due to this company re-structure we have decided to close the office in Warrington.

Further announcements in this regard will be made in the next few weeks.

All of our restructuring is designed to improve our service to our clients and assist us in bringing new and exciting projects to the market place.

In the next few weeks we will be making some amazing announcements that cover both our internal and external restructure.

We will also update you on the progress of our planning applications and the launch of new site.

Bob Clarke
Managing Director