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It may take several years to own a piece of land if you have limited means of capital or low budgets but it can take less efforts  if you already own a piece of land. Herald Land is a real estate company based in Dubai that allows investors in Dubai to make remunerative investment in UK for several reasons such as for commercial or residential purpose as property sector in UK is at the boom right now.

Our Management Pays Attention To Every Little Detail Of Property  

Bare lands in UK are sparse in quantity that is why if a worthwhile plots comes in the market then you must be assure of the fact that it will contain an extortionate price tag along with significant rivalry.

But if that is what you are looking for since long then you just have to be focused and patient and need consultation of a real estate firm. Herald Land endeavors to make the activity of buying and selling of land easy for you with maximum returns on investment. Our team of professionals possesses core skills in choosing, negotiating and chasing outstanding land options for medium and long term investors.

Investment in UKBuying Land Was Never As Easy Before

If you are planning to buy a new property or willing to invest in the UK real estate in the form of plots, land, or on commercial bases such as airport parking area or a project and need assistance of a reliable investment agent in Dubai then you may consider the specialists at Herald Land company who are experts in this regard.

  • The Land We Offer In UK 

We are extremely vigilant in selecting and pursuing a land for the investment and also furnish our clients with the same. Land investment is a profitable & secure market of UK that has never seen a downfall and provides a wide range of opportunities for investment where our customers can invest their money safely.

  • Accommodation Facility 

The student property is among the most captivating and pleasing classes that are offered by Herald Land available in some of the well known universities of the UK. The opulent, high class & well organized accommodations assures to harvest profit up to 9%.

  • Airport Parking 

The airport car parking at Glasgow & Gatwick have enormous possibilities of  expansion and are accentuated as the highest investments producing returns up to 12%.

Why Choose Herald Land

  • We have maintained high standards of professionalism in the field since 2009.
  • Herald Land has developed a trustworthy &  long term relationship with its clientele.
  • Honesty is the core element at Herald Land for investors, attached with every opportunity of buying or selling.
  • Our experts of the field have specialized in dealing with tangible assets.

We support, guide and assist our clients in making the right and profitable investments in UK. Herald Land incorporates its core values and principles in everything that they do for the satisfaction & benefit of their customers.

UK Land

Land investment opens up a whole new world of possibilities, where you can safely invest in a lucrative stable market which is always on the rise. We carefully select each piece of land to be invested with the same diligence with which we serve our clients.

Student Property

Rated as one of the most attractive asset classes, we offer luxurious, high-end facilities and fully-managed student accommodations around some of the world’s renowned universities in the UK, reaping you guaranteed returns of up to 9%.

Airport Parking

With an immense growth potential, airport car parking spaces at Glasgow and Gatwick; highlighted as one of the highest yielding investments with returns up to 12%.

Our Airport Parking Investments
  • Gatwick, UK
  • Glasgow, UK
Buy to Let

Rising unaffordability for first-time buyers means that more and more people are forced into the private rental sector. Because of this, demand for housing is rife, with tenants searching for high-quality furnished accommodation as an alternative to home-ownership.